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Why I Support CCM
I generally dislike the term CCM (acronym for Christian Contemporary Music), because it's usually used in a derogatory way by fundamentalist and other ultra-conservative Christians (for the sake of time, I'll group them all as "fundamentalists.") I've been listening to the debates (sometimes called "Worship Wars") back and forth for as long as I can remember, and I think it's high time I put my thoughts on the matter down in writing.
For those who don't know, there is a significant movement within the Christian church to shun all contemporary music, especially Christian contemporary music. 9 times out of 10, they're just repeating what their parents taught them. However, a few actually do have reasons behind what they believe. I respectfully disagree with those reasons, and I'll explain why.
2 Samuel 6 condemns those who look down on or even despise alternative forms of worship, which, if I may say so, is precisely what fundamentalists do when they say it's wrong to worship God or hono
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Supernatural Ponies: Dean, Sam, and Castiel by Unicornarama Supernatural Ponies: Dean, Sam, and Castiel :iconunicornarama:Unicornarama 16 6 Supernatural Ponies: Archangels by Unicornarama Supernatural Ponies: Archangels :iconunicornarama:Unicornarama 20 10 Supernatural Ponies: Bobby and Crowely by Unicornarama Supernatural Ponies: Bobby and Crowely :iconunicornarama:Unicornarama 14 4 Supernatural Ponies: Anna and Naomi by Unicornarama Supernatural Ponies: Anna and Naomi :iconunicornarama:Unicornarama 11 2 Supernatural Ponies: Charlie and Hannah by Unicornarama Supernatural Ponies: Charlie and Hannah :iconunicornarama:Unicornarama 14 13 NLD by Unicornarama NLD :iconunicornarama:Unicornarama 24 20 For Karissa by Unicornarama For Karissa :iconunicornarama:Unicornarama 31 7 Goldfish by Unicornarama Goldfish :iconunicornarama:Unicornarama 34 9
Feel free to browse through my gallery folders! My "Featured" folder contains what I feel is my highest quality, but also non-controversial artwork. My other folders contain my complete works! I enjoy working with many different styles, subject matter, and mediums. I often deal with hard subjects in my stamps, journals, and comics, but I welcome respectful disagreements. Feel free to share my artwork on DA and other websites, but please credit me if you do so. Thank you!


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Dragon Species
I make dragon species for you to use in your artwork, writing, etc. Every species comes with a detailed specimen painting that I will note to you without the watermark, and you will be free to use the species description in any way you want.

I accept general to very specific ideas. If you've just got a story that you want a cool dragon for and you need it to fit certain requirements, that's fine! And/or if you've got an idea already made up with its own description and everything and all you need is the painting, that's fine, too! Just let me know.

I accept points and/or PayPal. Thank you for reading!




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Pixel Heart Speech Bullet by Momoko-chu ABOUT ME Pixel Heart Speech Bullet by Momoko-chu
Heteromantic asexual, Christian, Female, INTJ - I'm an aspiring artist who specializes in animals, fantasy artwork, and portraiture. My other studies include philosophy, hermeneutics, and environmental biology (emphasis in zoology.) I'm not perfect and I've made mistakes just like everyone else, but I try to put the past behind me. We can't change the bad things that have happened. Life stinks sometimes, so laugh at it! I aim to be a positive influence on others, but I won't deny the evil that exists in the world. I want to help spread love and joy.

I have a very tender heart, and I have and will stand up for the voiceless, be them human or animal. I have obsessive haters because of this, but haters gonna hate! I've been bullied verbally and have even received death threats from said bullies, although they deny it and try to shift the blame on me, all in typical bully fashion. If you've been bullied, I really sympathize with you. Words can hurt worse than anything, but don't give up! Always remember that there are people out there who care about you even if it looks like the entire world hates you. If you need someone to talk to, feel free to message me! You are not alone. :hug:

I also have a strong sense of justice and I value purity very highly. I think that's why I love unicorns so much, aside from the fact that they're happy, sparkly horses! They stand for many things I believe in: compassion on helpless creatures, sexual responsibility and restraint, and caring for the environment.

NLD: I have been professionally diagnosed with non-verbal learning disorder (NLD), which means that I have difficulty picking up on social cues, reading between the lines/picking up on subtext, etc. I speak very literally. It doesn't affect IQ or my ability to perceive reality. Sometimes I say things that may come across as angry or harsh when I don't mean them that way. I'm actually a very goofy, happy person by nature! Most of the time when someone gets offended by something I said, it's because they read something into it that I never said nor meant to say (remember, I speak literally). If I ever say something to you that hurts your feelings, please tell me. I acknowledge that I have difficulties in this area, and I don't want to hurt anyone.

Pixel Heart Speech Bullet by Momoko-chu ADOPTABLES / COMMISSIONS Pixel Heart Speech Bullet by Momoko-chu I make dragon species adoptables that anyone is free to purchase, and I take requests for art. I currently accept both points and actual currency (PayPal.) Because I'm usually working on several different projects at once, please don't expect your request to be finished overnight. If you have a deadline you need it for, please let me know. Thanks!

Pixel Heart Speech Bullet by Momoko-chu PRINTS: Pixel Heart Speech Bullet by Momoko-chu
I upload low-resolution, watermarked copies of my art onto dA, but as I own the full-size unmarked images, if you'd like a print of something, feel free to ask and I'll see what I can do!

Pixel Heart Speech Bullet by Momoko-chu BLOCKING: Pixel Heart Speech Bullet by Momoko-chu
I am pretty easy-going and I don't enjoy blocking people, but I will block people if
A) I feel threatened or unsafe by their messaging me (such as if they are stalking me, they have or are threatening to steal personal information, etc.)
B) they are exceeding hateful and/or are spewing childish insults (I don't mind opinions and respectful disagreements, but hatred is a different animal, and I want no association with it.)
C) they have exhibited willful ignorance and they are pushing that ignorance on me.
D) a debate has turned into an is-to-is-not type of fight / they're repeating themselves like a broken record without taking my position seriously / they're repeatedly strawmanning something I have said.

As you can probably tell, all these things have happened to me before. If you believe I have blocked you unjustly, you may *respectfully* contact me through a *neutral* third party. I understand that I frequently misunderstand people (it comes with having NLD,) but if you respect me, I'll respect you, even if we disagree about something. I do not block people for disagreeing with me. Anything less than a *respectful* attempt to mend a relationship is block evasion and is against DA etiquette policy.

However, as I believe in second chances, I generally unblock people after a period of time.

Stamps about things that make me happy:
Horses stamp by Unicornarama Unicorn Lover by Unicornarama Goldfish stamp by Unicornarama Mustang Advocate stamp by Unicornarama Autumn stamp by Unicornarama Christmas stamp by Unicornarama Halloween stamp by Unicornarama

Stamps for adoption:
How Do YOU Know Itll Be Expensive Adopted into the Family of Christ Adoption is Not a Trash Can or a Pet Shop by Unicornarama Adoption is More Loving Than Biology by Unicornarama Consider Adoption First by Unicornarama What Did You Expect Are You Called to Adopt Is Adoptio Someone Elses Problem Adoption and Health and Mental Problems

Stamps for animals and the Earth:
I Support PZP on Wild Horses by Unicornarama Animal Adoption stamp by Unicornarama Save the Mustangs stamp by Unicornarama The Big Picture (save the mustangs) by Unicornarama Captive-Bred is Not Wild by Unicornarama Stewards of the Earth by Unicornarama AnimalAwareness stamp by Unicornarama The Damage Isn't Worth It by Unicornarama Service Dogs Are Not Slaves by Unicornarama

Religious stamps:
Christianity Doesn't Promote Murder or Rape. by Unicornarama Religious vs. Secular Wars by Unicornarama The Accuracy of Scripture by Unicornarama Hitler Was Not a Biblical Christian by Unicornarama Overpopulation is a Very Real Threat by Unicornarama Asexual Christian by Unicornarama

Political and other controversial stamps:
We Know You're Not Concerned About Our Health by Unicornarama Prolifers Value the Mother by Unicornarama Image and video hosting by TinyPic The Abortion and IVF Paradox by Unicornarama Your Choice by Unicornarama Pro-Life Violence is Not Common by Unicornarama Cause and Effect by Unicornarama Crisis Pregnancy Babies Have Homes by Unicornarama Not the Same Thing by Unicornarama The Fetus Doesn't Just Happen to Die by Unicornarama Underdiagnosed by Unicornarama Religious Freedom is for Everyone by Unicornarama Reverse Racism is Real by Unicornarama From the Lab, Not the Field by Unicornarama Be Careful What You Glorify by Unicornarama Transgender Restrooms by Unicornarama Read the Description by Unicornarama Not Always a Choice by Unicornarama

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You and I both know there’s only one option for pregnant women at Planned Parenthood – abortion. But that’s not what the abortion giant wants you to believe – in fact, CEO Cecile Richards even stated on national television that “some women also come to us because they have an unintended pregnancy and they need to make a decision, and we counsel them on all their options.”  That would mean Planned Parenthood advises women about more than just abortion - it also means they would provide counseling about adoption or prenatal care. So, Live Action’s investigative team put her words to the test, and the above video is what they found. ^

 It’s no wonder Planned Parenthood delayed releasing their annual report for months -- the numbers are incredibly damaging to its phony "women's health care" narrative.  
The long-overdue report shows the abortion chain is losing clients and reducing what few health services it offers to women, yet it still has managed to commit more abortions and increase its revenues! 
What else does the report reveal? 
  • Abortions are increasing at Planned Parenthood even when they’re declining nationally. The abortion giant committed 328,348 abortions in 2015 vs. 323,999 in 2014. That's nearly 900 abortions every day. 
  • Planned Parenthood only did 2,889 adoption referrals in 2015. That means it committed nearly 114 abortions for every one baby it referred out for adoption. 
  • Planned Parenthood's almost nonexistent prenatal services were cut nearly in half to 9,419. This tiny number was out of the 9.5 million total “services” Planned Parenthood says it did in 2015. 
  • Breast exams are down 12 percent in a single year. In fact, in 2015, Planned Parenthood committed more abortions (328,348) than it did breast exams (321,700)! Its own numbers prove exactly where its priorities lie.  
  • Clients continue to leave Planned Parenthood in large numbers – the abortion chain lost another 100,000 clients last year, on top of the half million clients it already lost since 2011. 
  • Despite the loss of clients, government funding went up slightly to $554 million in 2015.  
Looking at the 10-year trends shows even more how committed Planned Parenthood is to abortion at the expense of women's health care:    
  • Prenatal services were negligible to begin with, but are DOWN 29 percent, from 13,261 (2005) to 9,419 (2015). 
  • Breast exams are DOWN 62 percent, from 842,399 to 321,700. 
  • PAP tests are DOWN 74 percent, from 1,116,681 to 293,799. 
  • Abortions are UP 24 percent, from 264,943 (2005) to 328,348 (2015). 
  • And government funding is UP 82 percent, from $305 million to $554 million.  
If you want to stop this abortion chain from getting another dime of your tax dollars, there's one thing you can do about it right now: let your senators know.  
Clicking this link lets you and your friends email or call your senators directly (I’ve also included a suggested email and talking points): 
Thank you for all you do to defend the preborn. Let's win this vote for them.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is known for dealing with all kinds of difficult subjects, some of the most notable ones being racism ("Bridal Gossip," "The Times They are a Changeling," etc.) and learning styles and/or learning disorders ("Testing, Testing, 1 2 3"). But one issue that most children's shows shy away from is child abuse. It's understandable why they do: it's a very difficult and delicate issue to deal with. But it's sad that so few children's shows ever deal with child abuse, because so many children in the world deal with it on an everyday basis.

In "Crusaders of the Lost Mark," children get a look at one form that child abuse can take, as well as the effects it can have on the victim and those around the victim. The issue is overshadowed by Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo earning their cutie marks during that episode, but it definitely is there.

Ever since her first appearance, Diamond Tiara has been the class bully. She's served as a foil for the Cutie Mark Crusaders (three characters mentioned above). In a CMCs episode, Diamond Tiara has almost always been the source of the plot's conflict. She's constantly trying to show how much better she is from the other school-ponies, and she's not afraid to hurt others in the process. But in "Crusaders of the Lost Mark," Diamond Tiara takes it one step too far and hurts her only friend in the world, Silver Spoon.

As a result, Diamond Tiara loses the class election and her only friend. She doesn't know how to deal with the loss and explodes in rage, taking it out on all the other kids and eventually running home.

But when she gets home, viewers realize why Diamond Tiara was so desperate to win. We find out her mother is cruel and demanding, going so far as to scream at her daughter and verbally abuse her. Instead of comforting her, encouraging her, and admonishing her for being a bully, Diamond's mother makes her feel utterly worthless. Essentially, Diamond has no example to follow other than a bully, so how else is she supposed to act?
In real life situations like this, the parent usually cusses at their child, gives them severe punishments, and sometimes physically abuses them, but it's understandable why MLP limited her mother's actions to what they did. They had just enough to show that Diamond's mother is abusive, but not so much as to traumatize children watching the show.

After that encounter, Diamond Tiara expresses how she knows what she's been doing is wrong, but she doesn't know what to do about it. "I've been told my whole life what to do, what to say. Nopony showed me that there might be some better way. And now I feel like I'm lost. I don't know what to do." She longs for a happy family that raises their children with love instead of fear. Like many abused children, she knows something is wrong, but she doesn't know what.

Feeling sorry for their old school bully, the CMCs invite Diamond Tiara to their clubhouse, where they try to be friends with her. There's some interesting interactions between them where Diamond starts to show her true colors, and then catches herself, remembering what her mother had screamed at her the day before, and shuts herself away behind her defensive "bully" persona. It's interesting because a lot of hurting people often lash out at others to make themselves feel safer. People who feel out of control often try to control others. Kids who are bullied at home often bully other kids at school. This is exactly what we see Diamond Tiara doing.
While they're talking, the new class president shows up and tells his friends the CMCs that he wasn't able to build a new playground like everyone had hoped he would. Diamond Tiara sees the chance to get Pip out of office and take his place, thus satisfying her mother's demands.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders try to stop her from hurting Pip. She orders them to get out of her way and tells them how afraid she is of her family, and an image of her mother fills the screen. "What the family would think if I ever fail at anything. I'm a diamond, which means you never break, no matter the cost of the path I take. Whatever I have to do to win in the end." Diamond Tiara lives in terror of what her family will do to her if she doesn't live up to their expectations. She controlled by that fear, just like so many abused children in real life.

Diamond Tiara confronts her mother for teaching her the wrong ways and hurting others. It's important to note that she does this in public. If she did it in private, her mother probably would be crushed her emotionally. But because it was public, she was able to have the teacher behind her to protect her. I don't know if Ponyville has the some pony equivalent of DSS, but it's important for kids to know that they can let their school teachers, babysitters, etc. know about abuse at home. I wish they made it more obvious that she was trying to fix the situation and herself, not just rebel, but hopefully kids will pick up on it. They also didn't want to make it disturbing for kids to watch.

Diamond Tiara helps Pip fulfill his duties as class president, directs her classmates in building a new playground (objects appear out of nowhere, cartoon logic and all), and realizes that she can be herself and follow her friends' examples instead of following her mother's example all the time. She doesn't need to let her family control her now that she knows she has people who will stand up for her and protect her.

I hope MLP will show more of how Diamond Tiara adjusts to her new life and deals with her parents. She was not taken away from her abusive family, so it's assumed she still lives with them, just like many kids do in real life. MLP touched on a very important issue for so many children out there, and I'd love to see them offer more hope and advice for kids in those situations. Nonetheless, I think children who don't have the best home situations will find great encouragement in Diamond Tiara's story.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture wastes millions of taxpayer dollars every year by conducting ruthless and indiscriminate predator control programs, which amass a body count of more than two million bears, bobcats, coyotes, mountain lions, wolves and other wild animals.

Unfortunately, wild animals are not the only victims. Unintended targets -- even humans, endangered species, and pets -- have also been killed. A 14-year-old boy nearly lost his life in March after accidentally setting off an M-44 set by Wildlife Services in Pocatello, Idaho. Earlier this year, fourteen-year-old Canyon Mansfield was walking his family yellow Labrador named Casey on public lands in Idaho. Canyon saw a piece of metal sticking out from the grown and, never thinking there would be a landmine on public lands, he touched it. The M-44 exploded, sending him to the ground and covering him and his dog in cyanide. Almost immediately, Canyon's beloved dog Casey was "writhing with convulsions, a reddish foam emanating from his mouth. In front of Canyon, the yellow Lab made guttural sounds then went still.His dog died as a result of injuries from the sodium cyanide-ejecting device. This is not protecting people and livestock, this is endangering people and livestock.

President Trump is accepting comments on government reorganization, with a stated goal of eliminating unnecessary and ineffective programs or agencies. Revamping this program should be near the top of the list, given that the government’s activities are cruel, dangerous, and wasteful.

Please urge President Trump to abolish the lethal services provided by the USDA Wildlife Services’ predator control program. Doing so will not only cut down on government spending, but protect our nation’s wildlife -- and our citizens.

Please follow these instructions:

1. Select "Department of Agriculture: Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service" under "What agency would you like to reform?" 
2. Select "NONE" in the next box.
3. In the space provided, state that you would like to reform the USDA-APHIS by abolishing the Predator Control Program of Wildlife Services for the reasons stated above. 
4. Select "NONE" in the next two boxes under "What agency would you like to eliminate?"
5. Select an option from the drop-down menu under "SELECT WHY."

Take action

Thank you for all you do for animals. 
Wayne's signature 
Wayne Pacelle, President & CEO

Wildlife Services Cyanide Bomb Interactive Map

As the debate over Planned Parenthood’s public funding intensifies on Capitol Hill, here are five important talking points to consider when discussing the issue:

1. Planned Parenthood is America’s biggest abortion chain, committing over 34 percent of abortions in the United States. According to its own 2014-2015 annual report, the corporation committed 323,999 abortions last year — that’s 887 abortions a day, or one abortion every 97 seconds.

2. Planned Parenthood lies about the scope of health care services it provides. The abortion giant only does 0.97 percent (less than 1%) of all Pap smears and 1.8 percent of breast exams in the United States. Planned Parenthood does not offer any mammograms, which President and CEO Cecile Richards was forced to admit to before Congress, contrary to previous claims. In addition, prenatal care is virtually non-existent at its facilities, as are ultrasounds for pregnant women who want to keep their babies. In contrast, it commits over 34 percent of abortions in America.

3. By redirecting taxpayer dollars away from Planned Parenthood, it would mean that the over 13,000 federally qualified health centers and community health clinics, which outnumber Planned Parenthood facilities 20 to 1, would receive funding instead. These clinics are more accessible and offer comprehensive health services and holistic care for women and their families, while not committing abortions – making these clinics far more worthy of our tax dollars.

4. Planned Parenthood is a scandal-ridden corporation. In addition to lying and misleading the public, Planned Parenthood has been exposed for its gruesome fetal parts harvesting practices. It has also been caught covering up sex trafficking and statutory rape, condoning sex-and race-based abortions, giving medically inaccurate information about fetal development, and coaching kids on risky sexual practices. The corporation promotes its abortion-first ideology at all costs — even lobbying for infanticide and against protections for babies with Down syndrome and disabilities.

5. Planned Parenthood and its supporters emphasize that federal funds are not legally allowed to be used for abortions; however, money is fungible. With its over $500 million in taxpayer funding, Planned Parenthood is able to free up expenses to expand facilities (and therefore abortions), lobby lawmakers, spend millions to elect pro-abortion candidates, etc. For example, Planned Parenthood spent over $30 million dollars to elect pro-abortion candidates in the 2016 Election.

When the facts are considered, there should be no question that Planned Parenthood should be completely and permanently defunded. It’s time for Congress and President Trump to end taxpayer subsidies to the abortion corporation.


WARNING! The following contains disturbing information.

On top of promoting overpopulation, abortion, and discouraging adoption, the IVF industry has introduced yet another reason to loath it: jewelry made from the "extra" babies conceived during IVF treatments. Just when I thought IVF could not stoop any lower, this came to light.

May 9, 2017 (ALL) -- The latest fashion news from Australia is truly demonic: “Human embryos left over from in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures, as well as other bodily parts and fluids, can be transformed into jewelry.”

Baby Bee Hummingbirds, the company manufacturing these trinkets, is known for creating keepsakes containing such things such as breast milk and umbilical cords. Its latest product, the “leftover” human embryos from a couple’s IVF cycle, is, according to company founder Amy McGlade, a work of art. McGlade stated: “I don’t believe there is any other business in the world that creates jewelry from human embryos, and I firmly believe that we are pioneering the way in this sacred art, and opening the possibilities to families around the world.” McGlade says that this pioneering art of embryo jewelry is her way of giving couples “the everlasting tangible keepsake of a loved one that you can have forever.”

Naturally, many people find this disturbing. Writer Simcha Fisher is as disturbed about this latest Australian fad as we are, and in response to McGlade’s sentimental query “What a better way to celebrate your most treasured gift, your child, than through jewelry?” wrote:

Well, you could let him live, I suppose. You could allow him the basic dignity of spending time in the womb of his mother, to live or not, to grow or not, but at least to have a chance. You could celebrate the life of your child by giving him some small gift of warmth and softness, however brief, rather than letting him travel in an insulated pouch from lab to lab, frozen and sterile from beginning to end. You could conceive a child so as to give him life, and you could rise like a human should above the blind proliferation of biology.


Jennifer Lahl of the Center for Bioethics and Culture Network expressed her disgust as well: “It’s so undignified that these embryos have been destroyed to become jewelry. . . . I thought, ‘My gosh, it really has hit rock bottom.’”

But what many people apparently do not see is that the floor—or should I say the underside—of rock bottom where the synergies of evil reside is the practice of IVF itself. That [IVF] is where the lack of respect for the dignity of human beings actually begins.

From a merely humane view of the child, we must realize that nobody has a right to a child. We must also understand that every child has the right to be procreated within a marriage and to have a stable family from the beginning. And certainly no child should ever be strung around someone’s neck in a piece of jewelry.

... The blithe acceptance of the enormous number of abortions involved in the process of in vitro fertilization [including by Christians who claim to be pro-life] vividly illustrates how the replacement of the conjugal act by a technical procedure—in addition to being in contradiction with the respect that is due to procreation as something that cannot be reduced to mere reproduction—leads to a weakening of the respect owed to every human being.

There is no doubt that the progeny of in vitro fertilization and other reproductive technologies has done nothing to restore respect for the dignity of the human person. On the contrary, it has contributed to a cultural attitude that the human embryonic child is a thing, a possession, and a biological sample that can be accepted, destroyed, or frozen in time in a piece of jewelry.

Business enterprises like Baby Bee Hummingbirds gain traction in society because the bearing of a child has become nothing more than a mechanical function [or a fashion accessory]. And that, my friends, has taken IVF and the jewelry business to a new hellish low.

- Judie Brown (…)


I was discussing adoption with someone I thought was a respectable Christian, but what I unearthed was worse than I ever could have imagined.

Not too long ago I had a discussion with a man (let's call him James). I had challenged him about adoption, (specifically why his son Josh and Josh's new wife had gotten pregnant so freaking fast and not given adoption even a thought), and he'd given me the usual "not everyone is called to adopt" excuse. So to test him and figure out exactly where he stood on the issue, I asked him to show me Bible verses that say it's more important to make babies than to adopt.  Instead of telling me that I'd misunderstood him, that he doesn't think making babies is more important, or something else along those lines, James didn't deny it at all. Instead, he gave me verses that he thought said that very thing! I was testing him to see if he thought making babies was more important than adopting, and he failed the test spectacularly. Usually people make at least some sort of excuse to avoid answering that question, but no, not James! Of course, every single verse he gave me was taken out of context. In particular, he brought up 1 Timothy 2:15, which the Biblical context makes pretty clear is talking about Eve being saved through Jesus's birth. However, and what shocked me the most, was how he used it in the context of claiming that making babies is more important than adopting. Let me make this clear: James was claiming that women must give birth in order to go to Heaven. He was claiming that women are saved through a works-based method involving childbirth. This flies in the face of the fundamental tenets of Christianity, and also condemns infertile women to Hell and eternal damnation for something they cannot control. Suddenly all the slightly odd things I'd noticed about their family were clicking into place. Why they had so many kids, why their sons were put forward and no one really noticed their daughters, etc. Suddenly it made sense why his son Josh wanted to impregnate his wife as soon as they were married. Josh's father had taught him that that was the only way his wife could go to Heaven! And you thought that was bad enough, right? Well guess what? James is a pastor of a church! And what's even more horrifying is that the pastors (both of them!) of my former church gave him the "okay" to go plant that church. They thought this guy was pastor material, and he believes in a works-based salvation for women. I just...I can't even. Needless to say, I left that church, and you sure as heck won't find me in Jame's church plant.
"Guardians of the Galaxy 2" is a scream! I just got back from watching it, and it was fabulous! The characters are as hilarious as ever, there's some great develoment, and it answers a lot of questions from the first movie, too. Parents should heed the PG-13 rating, though. It's not a kid's movie. It's a good bit darker than the first movie, and there's some sort of gruesome imagery in it, not to mention a few scenes where it makes light of hundreds of people dying... At least preview it before showing it to your kids, please? It's a great movie and I give it two thumbs up, but it's PG-13 for a reason.
OH MY GOSH there's a new Star Trek TV show coming out this Fall! Apparently it takes place before the original series. I wonder if they'll have baby Spock and baby Kirk? I hope they bring in a little baby Spocklet! :D :D
What's with the search function on here? I suddenly can't search anything! I can copy-and-paste a deviation title into the search bar and it still says "0 results found." Da heck?
BLM considers using cattle prods on injured, frightened horses just "a little boost":…

Maybe Miss Melanie hasn't been around horses for very long, but when a terrified prey animal lies down and won't move, it's because they are either in so much pain that they can't move, or they're so utterly terrified that they've given up hope of surviving. It's not normal for a horse to "just lie there." In her own words, Melanie calls this kind of thing common in her line of work.


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First of, I'm afraid I have to down vote your comment. Calling somebody's statements “retarded” isn't exactly conducive to debate.

Secondly, you are simply wrong about what atheism is. It is not a rejection of all beliefs. It specifically deals with belief in deities, not other beliefs. You can believe in all manner of things and still be an atheist (Buddhism being a good example of a religious belief system that allows adherents to be atheists).

And atheism isn't even about rejecting deities. An atheist is a person who lacks faith in any deities. It's not the same thing. If a person grows up in a bubble, having never been introduced to the concept of any God, and that person has not developed their own concept of God for the simple fact that such a concept never occurred to him/her, then they can't be said to have rejected God but he/she would be atheistic.

Unicornarama Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2017  Student General Artist
Is this what other other person sent you? Because I don't recall saying anyone is retarded.

Anyway, he's correct in his first two paragraphs. To debate by insulting the other person is not helpful. It damages the Christian witness when the non-Christian is the civil one. If you can't stay calm and polite when discussing Christianity in a debate, it's best not to engage people in debate at all. I'm not trying to be rude, but I've seen this kind of thing repeatedly, and it needs to be addressed. And he's also correct that Atheism is not necessarily an absence of religion. There are belief systems that lack a deity.

He's completely wrong in his last paragraph, though. We know this because there are plenty of people groups who have grown up in "bubbles," and every single one of them developed a god concept. Every. Single. One. Granted, they don't all agree, and most are polytheistic, but humans do develop concepts of deity, not atheism, when left to their own devices.
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